They call me the next Eminem.

But my name is Tony DeYoung.  I am a rap artist, Hollywood actor, comedian, professional wrestler, the next Eminem, MMA fighter, celebrity Dr. Phil guest, and a businessman.  My net worth is over $5 million.  Last year, I was was broke.

Exactly one year ago, I was failing at life just like most of you reading this.  I had one dollar in my pocket.  I was punching in to a miserable job every single day.  My landlord was calling me because the rent was late. To say the least, I wasn’t happy with where my life was.

What made me different from all of you is that I never gave up.  Every single day, I was in the studio, recording tracks.  I was building a massive fan base on the internet.  One day, Dr. Phil reached out to me to have me as a guest on his show because his ratings had declined.  My show aired, and it was the highest-rated episode in the history of Dr. Phil.  News networks began covering me.  Celebrities began Tweeting about me.  I appeared on some of the most popular talk shows and night shows in the world, and hundreds of millions of people called me “the next Eminem.”  My life took off.

Today, I am rich.  My company, Tony DeYoung Entertainment LLC, owns a clothing line, a digital marketing agency for artists, and is a partner in a Private Equity firm specializing in the entertainment industry.  Recently, I signed a contract with a major label and will be releasing my studio album this year.

I am a success story.  My website will keep you updated on all of the moves I make, and I look forward to interacting with my fans all over the world.  In the meantime, check out my #1 hit single, Balls Deep, below!

Balls Deep

Executive Team

Tony DeYoung

Chief Executive Officer

CEO Tony DeYoung’s hit song “Balls Deep” broke international records and captivated audiences worldwide.  His guest appearance on Dr. Phil was the highest-rated of all time.  Tony owns a clothing line, and a digital marketing agency for artists.

Cornelius Schwartz


Cornelius holds a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) degree, and has over 18 years of experience as a prosecutor in New York State. He has represented over 100 New York firms in various litigations, and has only lost once. It wasn’t his fault, the guy was clearly guilty.

AJ Reynolds


AJ Reynolds is the janitor at Tony DeYoung Entertainment.  AJ takes out the garbage, washes the dishes, gets us coffee, shines our shoes, drives us around, and cleans the bathroom.  We pay him minimum wage.   AJ’s favorite rapper of all-time is Tony DeYoung.

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